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Meet the people behind the ideas


Pascal Aerens

Product design

After having been protecting corporate reputations for 15 years by creating software to fight financial crime, Pascal decided to dedicate himself to enhancing the sharing economy and reducing inequalities. Therefore, he co-founded Hexalina in 2017 and designed the XFAIR technology.
Pascal has been a business technologist in financial software for 25 years, first at Euronext and SWIFT, then at SIDE International. In 2008, he founded Telovia, a case management startup that was acquired by Fircosoft in 2012. Pascal then joined the Fircosoft leadership team, as head of product strategy, working mainly with global banks and Fintech companies. In 2014, when Fircosoft was acquired by RELX Group, he was put in charge of the Product Innovation team at Accuity and has led new initiatives using Machine Learning and Blockchain.

@pascalaerens | Pascal Aerens

Francis Chlarie

Global Operations

Francis co-founded Hexalina and handles all our operations. An hands-on executive consultant for 20 years, he’s an expert in payments and cash management, specializing in supply chain finance, cross-border corporate payments and liquidity management.
He has a large experience in handling large programs for banking, payments and mobile, and is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on blockchain at industry events throughout Europe. Francis also is providing blockchain and payments innovation trainings to banking and corporate executives around the world.
As a managing editor of the Journal for Internet Banking and eCommerce (JIBC), he assists researchers worldwide on delivering cutting edge research papers on mobile banking and digital commerce platforms.

@FrancisChlarie ‏ | Francis Chlarie ‏

Jean-Michel Dasnoy

Business Development

Jean-Michel loves designing or understanding innovative products, explaining them to people and using them to develop new opportunities.
Over the last 21 years, he has worked in derivative exchanges, insurance and payment systems, mainly in marketing and communications.
Jean-Michel is an electronics engineer with a keen interest for distributed or embedded systems.
As a MBA, he also likes everything quantitative or financial.
As a senior manager, he will readily challenge decisions and plans to ensure they are coherent, scalable, sustainable and responsible.

@jmdasnoy | Jean-Michel Dasnoy

Johan Andries

Server design & coding

Johan defines himself as a Software Architect and Developer with a thing for mathematics and data science. This translates in a career that perfectly illustrates this mix: starting with a PhD in Physics, combined with over 17 years of experience in consulting, banking and government services. In 2017, Johan joined the Motulus team. He designed the XFAIR server architecture and wrote most of the code behind the XFAIR features and APIs.

@johan_andries | Johan Andries

Jos Gheerardyn

Network valuation & economics

Jos has a PhD in theoretical physics and has extensive experience in valuation and risk modelling for the financial sector. In 2017, he founded Yields, a company that offers automated monitoring and validation services, identifying issues in algorithms and turning them into actionable business insights.

Since Jos is an expert at anything that mixes economics with algorithms, he designed the XFAIR network valuation algorithms, the math behind the XFAIR redistribution model.
He is our chief economist, ensuring that every aspect of what we do is scalable and sustainable.

@jgheerardyn | Jos Gheerardyn

Przemyslaw Klosiewicz

Reputation algorithms

Przemek has crafted and coded the XFAIR reputation algorithms. He holds a PhD in Mathematics, is an active researcher in computational sciences, and a data scientist. Algorithms can be dangerous beasts, but Przemek can tame them like no other and makes them behave. After over 10 years of experience at the University of Antwerpen (Belgium), the Exascience lab and the photolithography industry, Przemek was one of the co-founders of Motulus.

Premyslaw Klosiewicz

Benjamin Algoet

Solution architect

Benjamin brings 20 years of experience as a solution and enterprise architect. He played an essential role in translating the original product ideas into a robust and scalable architecture. This is particularly essential for a technology like XFAIR, that aims to be a mission critical layer for the sharing economy.
Benjamin has a Masters in Engineering and experience in many industries (consulting, banking, energy…), he’s also a co-founder of Motulus.

@benjaminalgoet | Benjamin Goet

Raphael Bianchini


Raf has a been a graphic designer for over 15 years, working on web design ever since it existed. He designed all the user experience and user interface aspects of the XFAIR solution, as well as our generic template platforms allowing to bootstrap customer adoption. Currently working and living in Rome, Raf delivers high quality designs for global businesses. He also handles all the digital and marketing communications of Hexalina.

Raphael Bianchini