Trust and brand

Pascal AerensBlockchain, World

Will the blockchain allow to create trust without having to build a brand first? Photo: jbosari / Flickr The sharing economy is often described as “peer-to-peer”: you have a car and I need a ride, you have a spare room and I need a place to stay… a way of sharing assets directly between individuals. In practice, however, all this … Read More

Social currency is not a new idea

Francis ChlarieBlockchain, World

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison proposed to create a social currency in 1921 In August 1918, Henry Ford bought the entire northern half of Green Island, New York. His friend, Thomas Edison, had introduced Ford to the area he knew well since he founded GE in nearby Schenectady. Ford’s idea was to build a hydroelectric power plant, in a visionary … Read More

How it all started

Pascal AerensBlockchain, World

Listening to a podcast can lead to an idea, and idea to a mission, and a mission to a company Photo: Jonathan McIntosh / Flickr It was in June, on a Sunday morning, I was having breakfast while catching up on my a16z podcast episodes. I have been a long time subscriber of the Andreessen-Horowitz podcast, because it’s addressing high … Read More