Hexalina and QuidProJobs put blockchain in the recruitment market

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“We ensure a transparent, portable and verified online reputation”

The job referral platform QuidProJobs and technology company Hexalina are introducing a new model for online recruitment. The quidprojobs.com platform allows companies to contact potential candidates directly, through its online network of referrers. Anyone who connects a talent and a company will also be compensated for this. This new platform is leveraging Hexalina’s Online Reputation service, which measures who really creates added value, and stores reputation metrics on the Ethereum blockchain.

Online reputation becomes transparent across platforms

The digital economy, in which large online platforms are growing, opens new opportunities in this area. “A company like AirBnB, for example, links landlords and guests with each other and uses reviews to demonstrate the reputation of both. This certainly is a step forward, but as a user, you’re nothing with that online reputation outside of AirBnB, you are locked-in this platform. We now have a solution for this” says Francis Chlarie, co-founder of Hexalina.

Hexalina developed a “Reputation-as-a-Service” concept in which everyone can build an online reputation that is verified through their interactions with the platform and other members of the network, and stored in a blockchain. “We can then have a resume and work experience confirmed by third parties, among other things. But your reputation on different platforms can also be stored in the blockchain. This makes your online reputation transparent and portable. You can use it on various platforms and you don’t have to start over from scratch,” says Chlarie.

QuidProJobs rewards matchmakers

This Online Reputation service is now used in production for the first time at quidprojobs.com, an employment platform that introduces an innovative business model based exclusively on referrals. “By bringing vacancies and talents in contact with each other via online networks, companies can connect with a mass of ‘hidden’ (read: inactive) talents that remain out of reach for classic recruiters. In the current war for talent, that is bound to worsen, it is a necessity to be able to fish outside the classical ponds…”, says Veerle Seymus, co-founder of QuidProJobs.

Recruiters and potential candidates are matched by referral providers, who connect people from their own personal network. “For every match that effectively leads to an employment contract, the hiring company pays a commission and QuidProJobs shares 50/50 with the referrer,” explains Tom Lecluyse of QuidProJobs.

Trust and credibility are crucial

For this business model to work, trust in the digital platform are crucial. That is why QuidProJobs and Hexalina established a partnership, and the referral platform uses Hexalina’s Reputation-as-a-Service API.

We combine different dimensions in a ‘network value score’ for each participant on the platform, so users get much more than a basic ‘5 stars’ rating. To calculate scores, our algorithms measure all interactions between participants in each dimension. We also monitor behavior to avoid manipulation, such as people promoting each other to get a higher score”, says Francis Chlarie.

To keep the network value transparent and decentralized, Hexalina stores it in a blockchain. “Each person controls their reputation, it’s not property of the platform, and it can be portable to other platforms. Ultimately, putting the users back in control of their reputation could allow to counter the monopolies of large platforms” concludes Chlarie.

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Pascal Aerens

Pascal Aerens

Pascal has been a business technologist in financial software for 25 years, specializing in solutions to protect corporate reputation. He has co-founded Hexalina in 2017 with the goal of creating a better reputation management service for digital platforms. Pascal is a recognized global technology expert, and has been speaker at many industry events worldwide.

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