Know who contributes

Redefining Reputation Management for Platforms

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    Integrate quickly

    XFAIR has a simple API for internet platforms to manage their members’ reputation metrics, and measure how every single member is contributing to the platform’s added value.

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    Each platform has a different approach on reputation, our Network Value algorithms take this into account and let you specify what interactions to measure and how to value them.

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    A platform’s value is measured by the quality of the service delivered, the quality of its user community and the uniqueness of its incentive model. XFAIR allows to enhance all these metrics and drive adoption and success.

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    Fair and Transparent

    The XFAIR algorithms measure actual actions and interactions. They are robust to resist manipulation even when parameters are transparently disclosed.

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    Empowering users

    Let your users reclaim their data by storing calculated data on the public blockchain. Each user can check their ratings and decide when to share, and with who.

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    Concentrate on growing your platform and community. We handle the complete reputation management cycle, and provide you with the metrics and dashboards you need to improve your business and scale up.

How it works

Measure, compute, learn who is driving your added value


Sophisticated reputation without the effort

The algoritms driving XFAIR transform the platform community into a network of relations between stakeholders. Different types of interactions and behaviors serve as metrics to feed the calculation of the Network Value, representing a user’s individual contribution the the value added to the platform.


In most platforms, users play different roles and reputation must take this into account

  • The roles (e.g. “writer”, “reviewer…) are identified and defined
  • Interactions and transactions will be attached to roles
  • Reputation metrics and dashboards are provided for each role
  • Roles can change over time


The most reliable measure of contribution is to detect interactions

  • Every interaction between platform members is recorded
  • No personal data is needed, we just record interaction and user IDs
  • The interaction pattern can be simple (one interaction) or complex (where one interaction is made of multiple interlinked actions)


What makes you a good citizen?

  • Detect and eleminate behaviours that are detrimental to the community
  • Since XFAIR is robust and resistant to manipulation, rules can be transparent and explained
  • XFAIR allows patterns to be different for each platform, as rules and behaviours differ
  • Neutralizing fraudsters and trolls influence is key to platform success and fairness

Part of a whole

XFAIR is the start of a new win-win relationship between platforms and their users


The XFAIR Reputation Management service is part of a new thinking about the relationship between platforms and their users. A thinking that goes beyong traditional models of data gathering and advertising, a new model where value is driven by aligning the interests of all the stakeholders of the ecosystem, from customers, to contributors, to owners and shareholders.
A platform needs to propose services that attracts customers and allows to reach critical mass, where there are enough clients and contributors to ensure quality and a steady flow of reviews. Starting this type of network effect requires either enormous investments and a long time. This also often results in a “winner takes it all” situation, where there is only one surviving platform for a specific service.
With XFAIR, determining who contributes the most in a fair, honnest and transparent way is easy. From there, compensating every effort done to increase the platform value not only allows to shortcut the time required to achieve adoption momentum, it also gives the customers assurance that the services provided are not exploiting anyone.